Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tablet PCs - Why so pricey?

Is touch screen really expensive to do or something. I've been tossing around the idea of getting a tablet PC to stick OneNote on to use for note taking, reading documents and some web surfing (including Gmail) via WiFi. I'm having to attend a lot of meetings/briefings where the ability to take notes and link them to documents and web pages would be incredibly useful.

Looking around the web the options seem to be:

  • iPad, around the £500-900 mark but won't multitask or run OneNote and from what I've heard from all but the most ardent Apple worshipper is basically crap (iPhone without the ability to make calls)

  • Tiny and low spec (more of a PDA than PC) around the £400-700 mark

  • Equivalent spec to a, non-touchscreen, laptop that currently retails for about £300-450 but costing £1500-2100

I think I'm stick with pencil and paper with printouts of docs I want to read for now.

In terms of specification what I'm looking for is:
  • 10-12 inch screen

  • Run OneNote 2007, Acrobat reader and Firefox at the same time with reasonable performance from both

  • WiFi

  • At least 64Gb available local storage after all system/application requirements are fulfilled

  • Support for external USB keyboard and mouse

  • At least 3 USB ports (2 for keyboard and mouse plus one for memory stick)

  • Price point under £500

  • Handwriting recognition

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