Monday, August 28, 2006

Random training related thought

A thought just crossed my mind. I wonder if there is a market for short (one day) task oriented training for the sort of things that aren't normally covered in general courses.

For example I'm aware that there are training courses that mention standby databases and certainly there are courses that cover RMAN, at least for basic backup and recovery. I'm not aware of any that actually take you through setting up a standby database, with a hands on practicum, or that covers things like cloning a database with RMAN. These are things that DBAs might be required to do. Sure you can read up in the documentation and, if you are lucky enough to have the kit, try out but might there be a market for, say, a one day course in how to use RMAN to create a clone database and then convert it to a standby for the database you've cloned? Or something similar with other such tasks ("Your first RAC cluster")?

I'm sure that there have been user group and technology day type presentations on those sorts of things but these lack the hands on aspect.

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